Honey has been used as food and medication by mankind for thousands of years. It has a direct mention and recommendation even in religion. Honey is the best source of Invert Sugar , which is a combination of Glucose and Fructose which provides adundant energy to the body. Honey is similar to semi digested nutritional food which does not strain the stomach in digestion. It is an excellent and ideal energy source for stamina and endurance as it is stored in the liver , ready for immediate use. It is better than any tonic for children and old people due to it's intense concentration of inherent energy. Honey also contains Iron , Calcium and other mineral salts required for the human body.

Honey also has been mentioned and recommended in the Quran as Allah says in the Holy book that there is cure for the people in Honey " There comes from their bellies ( bellies of Bees ) a drink of many colours in which there is healing for mankind " ( Sura Nahl , verse 69 ). The Prophet himself used to drink honey with water daily in the morning and recommended it's use in Islamic medicine. It has a mention in many other religious and ancient medical texts.

Honey in regulated does administered for instant revival of energy in cases of Hypoglycemia does not drastically raise sugar level in diabetic patients.

Honey is extremely nourising for the skin when used as a face ack and helps in rejuvinating the skin leading to the elimination of fine wrinkles.

Honey is a remedial incase of persistant cough and sore throat.

Honey is a good diuretic in case of water retention especially in women during periods.

Honey has considerable laxative effect on the human digestion system which in turn helps in reducing skin problems i.e. pimples which are revealed on the skin and other internal problems associated with constipation.

Honey improves appetite in children suffereing from conditions of appetite loss and under nourishment.

Honey helps in nervous disorders including Insomnia and acts as a tonic in recovery of any damage to the human nervous system.

Honey helps patients suffering from Tuberculosis as it vastly helps in arresting the spread of this disease.

Honey also greatly helps in convalencense as it has properties to make the body heal faster.

Honey consumed with milk increases human sperm count to an astonishing degree. Sexual stamina is also increased after some time when honey is comsumed regularly. Since basically sexual virtilily is concerend with three fundamental organs in the male body , namely Adrenal Cortex , Testes , Post Pituitary , all these organs use glucose and fructose to obtain energy in functioning and release of hormones or in discharging seminal fluid. Honey as already mentioned is the best source of the above required sugars. Honey also nourishes the male human sperm for increased capability in impregnating the female egg as it increases the vitality of the sperm and even after this stage helps in providing vital requirements of the growing foetus throughout pregnancy. No wonder it's dubbed the Elixir of life even earning itself clear mention in the Quran as far back as 1400 years.

Uneasiness felt in the mouth and throat due to infection can be relieved immediately with honey , so there is extensive scope for honey in cough mixtures and expectorants.

Honey is especially beneficial for those suffering with viscid sputum and dry cough.

Honey helps in conditions of Asthma as many conditions of Asthma respond favourably to Honey.

The patients suffering with various maladies of stomach who consume 10 grams of honey on an empty stomah in the morning and not eay anything thereafter for about 1 hour , will start feeling relief from the disorders whithin a few days.

French doctors advise weak , emaciated children and older atients to take honey and cream or honey and butter instead of cod liver oil.

Honey is best used to increase the physical stamina and energy level of the human body and since honey is easily absorbed in the blood , it is the best ingredient to remove tiredness and fatigue after hard work almost instantly.

Boiled milk mixed with equal quantity of water and seven percent honey is a fabulous energy packed food for children.

The children who consume a combination of milk , water and honey are safe against many diseases as their immunity is also enhanced vastly. Honey used for children helps inflammatory throat conditions as it both purifies the blood and erodes the sputum.

Honey helps to subside dryness os the mouth and body and acts as a moisturiser.

For patients suffering from constipation a spoon of honey mildly heated with a small quantity of wheat husk added after it is cooled and administered to the patient , gives immediate relief.

The famous physician Abu Ali Sena (Avicena) writes that licking honey mixed with the extract of boiled rice Wij (Peench in Hindi) helps cure partial face paralysis.

According to Islamic medicine , for cases or bite or stinging by poisonous insects , a paste made of one part unsoaked limestone , four part olive oil applied on the affected part will give immediate relief.

In case of Insomnia (sleeplessness) one teaspoon full of honey mixed in luke-warm water and drunk before going to bed helps in getting sound sleep.

In some injuries which result in bloos clots beneath the skin and the affected area looks bluish (bruised) , in such cases adding a pinch of salt to a suitable quantity of honey and applying it on the affected area removes the blue coloured clots.

In cases of periodical fevers when the patient feels hungry and cannot take ordinary food , two spoons of honey mixed in mildly hot milk proves beneficial.

In conditions of Diabetes , one spoon of honey mixed well with 4 mg. of salajeeth and eaten three times daily has proven very useful.

18 gms. of honey mixed well with a suitable quantity of water , and the mixture taken two to three times daily removes dryness of the throat.

For some minor liver disorders , 30 grams of honey three times daily is very useful.

If all the above properties do not earn Honey the distinction of " ELIXIR OF LIFE " no other food deserves it.