Cellulite is the french term used to describe an appearance of an orange peel (peu d ' orange) or cottage cheese appearance of certain parts of the body as compared to their normal smooth contour. The areas effected are generally arms , abdomen , back , thighs & hips. This cottage cheese apearance is the result of two different mechanisms :

1- In the first case the thick layers of fat on the hips , thighs and occasionally abdomen , back & upper arm looks lumpy because the strands of connective tissue , which serve as a mesh-work for a large group of fat cells , lose their elasticity and shrink with age. As the connective tissue shrinks , the overlying skin attached to these fibres contracts , failure of the fat cells encased in the connective tissue to shrink accordingly results in a kind of over all dimpling on the surface of the skin giving an orange peel appearance to it. Another contributing factor to this problem is the gradual loss of muscular size & strength in women after the age of 18.

Treatment : The scientific way to shed off these lumpy deposits of excess fat from the body is to : 

a. Follow a medically oriented weight loss programme designed to oxidize or burn excess fat   

b. Exercise to increase the size and srength of the large muscles of the hips and thighs and also the other major muscles that support fatty deposits throughout the body.

2- In the second case which affects 90% " thin women " having fat legs and suceptibility to periodic changes in the female hormone estrogen such as puberty , pregnancy , birth control pills & menopause. In these cases cellulite is the result of congestion of circulatory vessels and lymphatic fluid of the connective tissue layer between skin , muscles & internal organs.

When , because of sluggish body function , wastes cannot be efficiently eliminated , a vicious circle begins. Wastes (toxins) engorge surrounding tissue and harden into lumpy pockets , these further impair circulation in the area and more pockets form giving an orange peel appearance to the it.

Treatment : Usually in this case of cellulite is a cleansing regimen that combines : 

a. Restricted sodium (salt) diet to counteract water retention. Reduction of sodium the element that "locks" water in the body , enables excess fluid to be excreted. Low sodium foods that help in controlling cellulite due to accumulaton of lymphatic wastes are : fresh vegetables ( like cabbage , lettuce , onions etc. ) , egg yolk , unsalted butter , vegetable oils , fruits ( like apples , plums , grapefruit , figs etc. ) , lean fish , chicken , meat & whole grain bread.

b. Aromatherapy using essential oils for application on affected area to counteract water retention and for cleansing & detoxifying blood. These include Juniper , Lavender , Geranium and Rosemary oils which have medicinal value. These oils when massaged on the affected area of the body , are absorbed by skin after 20 to 70 minutes. They penetrate the different layers and get into the blood stream ; improving circulation and counteracting water retention , cleansing & detoxifying the blood to help fight and get rid of the existing cellulite.

c. Body brushing using a good body brush for detoxifying the body by stimulating the circulation and lymphatic system to drain away toxins. In this method of treatment of cellulite you gently brush the skin - including soles of feet & fingers - working in long strokes towards the heart. The dry skin is also removed (exfoliating) and cellulite broken up.

d. Toning up the body by consistent exercise programme ; leading to improved digestion , elimination , circulation and body tone.

In this case of cellulite the treatment is basically a purifying regimen designed to rid the body of toxins and encourage breakdown of waste engorged , hard , lumpy pockets.