Patient Interviews

Mr.Shahzad Hussain Khan

Mr.Shahzad Hussain Khan

Age: 43 yrs

Occupation: Goldsmith

Place of Birth: Karachi-Pakistan

Starting weight: 132 kgs

Fianl weight: 101.7 kgs

Total weight loss: 31 kgs

Duration of Treatment: 8 months

Health Hazards of Obesity: Breathlessness , Knee Pain , Varicose Veins

My wife feels great that I've become handsome & slim and I'm overjoyed about her happiness.

Q: How old were you when you started putting on weight ?

A: I was 15 years old and I gained weight on daily basis.

Q: Why did you decide to lose weight ?

A: My job requires me to be in a sitting position all the time with no mobility whatsoever ; this is an added reason for my weight gain. It was becoming a difficult task for me to get up and fetch the tools I required for my work. Knee pain & breathlessness had become debilitating. I had developed an unsightly , ugly , buldging belly. Since I had a huge tummy , I faced a lot of difficulty while driving. During shoping for clothes , I had a tough time finding my size. When I  told my daughter to do something she used to reply : "I'll listen to you only if you become slim". When other children annoyed my 7 yr. old son Hasan , he used to threaten them by saying "My father is going to bash you up" , they would back off because they were afraid of my huge size. Such incidnets were the reason for my decision to lose weight.

Q: Were you facing any health hazards due to your obesity and did losing weight relieve you ?

A: Yes , breathlessness , knee pain & varicose veins. After I lost weight these symptoms completely disappeared ; there was absolutely no pain in any part of my body and no sign of breathlessness whatsoever.

Q: How were you familiarized with Dr.Mojtahedi and why did you choose to go to her for treatment ?

A: The number of people taunting me increased gradually , at the same time I couldn't resist tasty food , therefore I had no option but to find a good competent doctor who would put me on an effective weight loss programme. One of my friends who was aware of Dr.Mojtahedi's own invented Herbal Medicines for weight loss , took me to her clinic.

Q: Had you ever tried to lose weight ? If so , share with us the details.

A: Everyone around me suggest something and I listened to them ; for example ear only lettuce or just drink lemon juice for breakfast and so on , yet I would feel no difference and my knee pain was getting worse by the day ; to the extent of excrutiating pain most of the time.Whenever I sat at the table to eat , people around me would comment on the quantity I eat and try to stop me. Pakistani cuisine is both rich & oily , I couldn't control myself and eat less.

Q: Share with us the most bitter moment (if any) of your obese days ?

A: I was at brother in law's house and needed to use the washroom ; when I set foot in the toilet suddenly the flooring collapsed ; ofcourse it was due to an old crack in the piepline even then all the relatives made fun of me and had a good laugh at my expense. After that incident everytime I required to use the washroom , that memory flashed back and made me apprehensive. Till date my relatives make fun of me by remembering that disasterous event.

Q: How was Dr.Mojtahedi's treatment ?

A: I underwent her treatment for about 10 months. I was somewhat agitated & stressful during my first visit to her. I was afraid she might put me on a programme that would forbid me of eating all the food that I relish like Kebabs & Chicken ... . I had 4 monthly sessions with the doctor (weekly 1 consultation). During my first consultation with the doctor she said : "If you follow exactly as per my advise and take my Herbal Medicines on time as per the suggested dosage , you'll be successful in your weight loss beyond your expectation and will see miraculous results".

During the first week of my treatment I had my doubts about what the doctor had told me !!!?? but on my second consultation with her I was toltally relieved and believed each & evey word she had said. As I had miraculously lost so much of weight I developed an absolute faith in Dr.Mojtahedi's treatment and all her medical advise. When I saw the significant weight loss that was visible both in size & on scale right from day 4 of starting (Herbal Medicines + Nutritional Dietary Programme) , it was a motivation for me to continue with full faith and stay true to myself till I reach my ideal weight.

Q: Were there any limitations in consuming food items like Kebabs & Chicken etc.  which you relished most ?

A: It was very interesting that the diet regimen which the doctor prescribed consisted of different type of Kebabs like fish , chicken , mutton etc. ; since I love to eat such things the doctor said I can eat all these , enjoy and at the same time lose weight. She went on to say that : "Eat as much as you can of protiens an hour after taking my herbal medicines , prepare an oil-free mixed platter for yourself using different spices & herbs for taste along with some vegetables by the side".

Q: What modifications did Dr.Mojtahedi suggest regarding your routine nutritional programme?

A: I faced absolutely no problems with the alterations the doctor had made in my day to day dietary intake and daily activities. The nutritional programme that I had to follow was the same as my routine with only a couple of minor changes. Ofcourse I have to admit the change was "Awsome for my Tastebuds" , I really enjoyed her diet. Every week there was a different diet and new food items would be added ; a pleasant variety which felt exhilarating.

Q: What changes did you feel in your body after taking Dr.Mojtahedi's Medicines ?

A: The doctor's herbal medicines curbed my appetite & increased my metabolism , I would feel satiated and full very soon after starting to eat my meals , therefore I could stop eating and NOT feel hungry.

Q: Describe to us the feeling of sheding so much weight ?

A: I feel great , specially when I look at myself in the mirror , I like what I see ; and whoever sees me comments on how slim & handsome I've become. I feel many years younger even younger than before I got married (20 yrs younger). I can go for long walks now. My wife is intrigued with my new looks and figure and I in turn with her satisfaction.

Q: What is your opinion about usuing Dr.Mojtahedi's own formulated medicine ? Did they have any adverse effects ?

A: No. Her herbal medicines had absolutely No side effects. After I lost weight , I refered other known people for weight reduction to Dr.Mojtahedi and they were all very satisfied with her medicines and programme. They all reached their ideal weight and are very thankful both to me & the doctor.

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