The Gawah Weekly

Obesity can increase the rate of Cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. The hazards of Obesity also constitute breathing problems , high blood pressure , diabetes etc. Obesity is a killer disease which can be controlled through nutrition and exercise with the help of hebal medicinal supplements says Dr.Fatemeh Mojtahedi. She has successfully treated thousands of patients amongst which a patient of her has reduced 58 kgs in 9.5 months through her own formulated herbal medicines ( Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix ).

The A.P. Ayush dept. has given her the manufacturing license for these two medicines which are based on Tibbe-Nabavi. Dr.Fatemeh goes on to say : " Tibbe-Nabavi with the use of medicinal herbs is the sole effective & successful treatment for Obesity ".