The Munsif Daily

Obesity the killer disease is the mother of most diseases. Some hazards of this ailment include hypertension , some cardiac diseases , diabetes , infertility , fatigue , lethargy and last but not the least decreased libido. Obesity can be due to inheritance , hormonal imbalance , overeating and lack of exercise etc. In some cases it gives one an unsightly appearance. Dieting and exercise by itself cannot control Obesity.

Dr.Fatemeh Mojtahedi who has been given the title " Queen of Slimming " belongs to a renowned religious family , her grandfather was an eminent Grand Ayatollah and her uncle also holds this religious rank and is also a great philosopher with a " Tawzih-al-Masael ". She has treated thousands of patients using allopathy methods of cure & Islamic medicine in formulating her 2 purely herbal medicinal supplements , Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix  which has been awarded a maufacturing license by the A.P. Ayush department so that all can benefit from this medicine.